Good Friday and different theories


Different interpretations and Good Friday

Apostle Mathew in chapter no 27th of his book first narrated the concept of Good Friday 2017, as the story of Easter, a crucifixion of Christ, death and then resurrection. The story explains the details of the inhumane treatment being done to Christ the Son of God, on the streets of Jerusalem by the roman soldiers. He was being stripped naked, flayed and beaten badly, taunted and nailed to cross where he eventually bleed to death.  This is what the religious Christian memories during the three days of Easter. But several debates have been there on the fact that why the day which symbolizes the death and suffering of Christ does is tagged or named as good. But not much research has been done on this topic.


Different theories as to why Good Friday 2017 is called good

  1. The first theory suggests that Good Friday is called well because of the gift of love and sacrifice made by Christ for the mankind. The extreme brutality experienced by the son of Gods which eventually lead to his painful death which came as a victory over sins. So most of the Christians believe that it happened in order to get the joy of Easter and to enjoy the love of this interpretation made it tagged as good.
  2. The second theory explains that word good is a synonym of word holy. So that in respect to Easter marks as the holy Friday observed by different churches and Christians of the world. So for some Christian’s word Good Friday simply refers to word holy Friday.
  3. The third interpretation is based in the catholic encyclopedia which explains that the origin of this word is not clear, some sources confirms that it has originated from the word God’s Friday to good Friday while others suggest that it is just an English interpretation of German phrase Gottes Freitag or karfreitag which shows mourning and sadness. This is exactly what depicts the disciple of Christ on that day.

Nobody is aware of the correct interpretation or origination of this word. But this Friday has been celebrated to show love and gratitude towards Christ’s sacrifice and pain for mankind. This day is declared as a national holiday in some countries, while some take it as a normal day of the year.


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