Important information You Need to know About the Mizoram State Lottery


Mizoram is a state located in the Northeast part of the country of India. It is known for its hilly appearance and a lot of specialties it gives to its people. One of these specialties is the Mizoram state lottery which is enjoyed by a lot of people within the state. The lottery tickets are offered at very reasonable prices and the amounts that can be won far exceed the ticket prizes.

These are only some of the basic things about the Mizoram lottery. Below are the important information that you need to know about the Mizoram state lottery.

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Winning the Mizoram Lottery

If your Mizoram lottery ticket numbers match the winning numbers in the results, then you have won the lottery. You should claim your prize after this. You need to have your original ticket that will be presented at the authorities of the state lottery. They will verify the authenticity and genuineness of your lottery ticket. After doing so, you will then be able to claim your prize.

Prize Distribution

You can claim your prize from the director once you have won the Mizoram lottery. The prize that you will get will already have deductions for the income tax, and the commissions of the sellers and agents. If you live outside the state of Mizoram but you have won the lottery from this state, then you can claim your prize via a demand draft. However, additional deductions will be imposed on your prize. Such deductions account for some other commissions as well as postal charges.

On the other hand if you reside inside the state of Mizoram, you can claim your prize via a check. However, if you have won less than 5000 Rs. then you can claim your prize directly from the selling agents.

Lottery Results

To know the results of the Mizoram state lotteries, you can go to an official website that posts the Mizoram lotteries result. For example, if you go to Mizoram today lottery result, you will be able to know the most recent lottery results. You can also look for the results on the newspaper.

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